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Our dog advice pages would be nothing without the fantastic Q&A of 'Bec - The Sydney Dogwalker' . Her advice is republished here from her Australian column on , she is a wonderful soul and deserves a TV Show! USA Doggy is also very happy to advise dog owners that Dirty Dogs Mobile Hydrobathing in Sydney offers a great service and best advice for mobile dog wash in other states is to Google the 'My Mobile Dog Wash' website. Although some operators are booked out for several weeks - they do have a wait list. Get yourself on that and they can squeeze you in if they have a cancellation.

Note: This advice page should act only as part of your research into any particular problem. Paul @ USA Doggy

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Shitzu's Groutchy Problem
Our Shitzu is the nicest puppy except when we go to reposition him when he is sleeping or dozing off. He growls and bites. How can we effectivly control this behavior before having children?... more

Dogs snoring
I have 2 cavis who are just adoreable. But they both snore really loudly!... more

8 week Lab, screams when left alone
Hi Bec, We have recently bought a Labrador puppy and everytime we leave her alone (either in laundry or backyard)she crys for a bit and then gets to the point of screaming and throwing herself against the back door... more

Crafty Canine
We recently adopted a 3 and a half year old female Tenterfield Terrier as her family were relocating overseas. We have had her now for four months and she settled well has been pretty well behaved is most things but we cannot get her out of the house when we want to go out. We have never left our dogs inside when not at home and she has plenty of outside space and a couple of places to sleep. She will go outside happily when someone is at home.... more

Dog Bites her own tail
Our 8 year old dalmation bites her own tail when fed. It initially started when she was younger and she would growl and chase her own tail in circles when given a bone. She growls at her tail as though it is another dog and going to take her bone She now does it all the time when we feed her.... more

Dog seems to have sinus problems
My 5year old Bull Mastif/Ridgeback seems to have sinus problems, snotty nose and sneezing! He has just been on strong antibiotics for mange (that he gets every year!) and so I want to find a natural remedy to avoid antibiotics if possible! Has anyone any ideas?? Tricia... more

Indoor marking problem
We have just moved to a new house and have been living here for 3 months. I have a staffy x and a doberman x. When we first moved, the neighbours told us that the dogs would howl for a couple of minutes just after we left. Other than that they didnt hear them.... more

companion spoodle pooch
Hi i have a 1.5yr old spoodle and she gets left at home evryday when my partner and I go to work. I have noticed that she has been digging more recently and she seems to be a generally less happy dog and I think its because shes lonely/bored.... more

housetraining a 2 year old dog
I'm adopting an almost 2 year old dog who isn't fully housebroken, im not home 6 hours a day how should I housbreak her?... more

neglected mini foxi cross with long nails
have just taken over ownership of a neglected mini foxi cross who has very long nails. She doesn't wear her nails down and they are growing increasingly longer. We snip off a very small amount of nail at a time(as directed by the vet) but they seem to grow just as fast.... more

bought my male maltese x three days ago from a private home
I bought my male maltese x three days ago from a private home. He was rescued by her from the rspca four years ago, he is now 7. He was in a very neglected state when he was found, thats all the history I know. He is a very quiet, loving dog who loves strokes, tickles and affection.... more

Male Boxer Licks Female German Shepherd
I have a 2 year old male intact boxer who in the past week or so has obsessively been licking my spayed female German Shepherd's hind quarters.... more

How to teach my retriever to retrieve
We live near the beach and have 2 four year old labradors who love going for walks down there and going in the water a little bit.... more

black labrador x german pointer plus clothesline
Hi Bec, I have a 12month old black labrador x german pointer called Max who has after a 4 month break started to pull the washing off the clothesline again.... more

siberian husky paces alot
My siberian husky is 14 years old. All he does is pace back and forth and scratches at everything. He can see fine. He is stressing my husband and myself out. It is nonstop. He is now afraid of storms, and would do that during storms, now it is constantly. Any suggestions?... more

Why is buying a dog from a pet shop not a good idea?
Why is buying a dog from a pet shop not a good idea?... more